Surfboard & Bodyboard Warranty

All surfboards awash by Acquisition Sports appear with a assurance to be chargeless from any accomplishment defects or faults. Surfboards are NOT acceptable adjoin breakage. This assurance is not transferable. Appurtenances beneath assurance awning will be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. No acquittance can be provided beneath any circumstances. Assurance alone covers the item(s) awash by Acquisition Sports. A ample allotment of alternate appurtenances are begin to be, not faulty. If the alternate appurtenances are bent by Acquisition Sports to not be faulty, again all abiding aircraft fees will be beat by the customer. We will seek the permission from the chump to allegation this amount to the customer’s acclaim agenda area possible. Declining this, the appurtenances will be beatific aback by Australia Column COD bales collected. Acquisition Sports additionally affluence the appropriate to allegation the labour amount for analytical these appurtenances area no accountability was found. All warranties are voided if alternate artefact is begin in any way to be mishandled, mis-installed, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged. Amuse attach a archetype of the aboriginal balance or accommodate the aboriginal balance number. A abundant accountability description area charge be beatific calm with all the abiding assurance goods. Chump is amenable for any aircraft and allowance amount complex in sending the assurance affirmation appurtenances aback to Acquisition Sports. Acquisition Sports is not amenable for any bindle missing in transit, on its acknowledgment aback to Acquisition Sports.

A assurance affirmation is anon voided if a artefact is begin in any way to accept been mishandled, mis-installed, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged. It additionally may accommodate items that accept suffered calefaction or sun damage. Added examples may accommodate the following:

Fibreglass surfboards (epoxy or polyester)

  • Breakage
  • Physical dents acquired by anatomy parts
  • Knee dings
  • Foot compressions
  • Rock impact
  • Sand impact
  • Physical leverage
  • Foreign article contacts
  • Broken fins
  • Broken stringers
  • Rail dents
  • Buckles
  • Nose snaps
  • Foam compression
  • Glass chipping
  • Yellowing
  • Delamination

Please agenda surfboard are awful brittle articles and charge to be advised with complete care, about cream altitude are capricious and surfboards are decumbent to actuality damaged or burst which is a allotment of the accident one takes back purchasing the artefact and accommodating in the sport. For these affidavit surfboard repairers are kept active and are in aerial demand.

What we do awning in the assurance is adulterated artisan address or missing/incomplete genitalia or adulterated bark above-mentioned to use. Laminates can be calmly damaged afterwards use due to abounding of the affidavit listed above.

Soft Surfboards and anatomy boards

  • Heat and sun damage
  • Bubbling
  • Compression/dents
  • Rock Impact
  • Fins breaking
  • Breakage including snapping stringers 
  • Discoloration
  • Waterlogging



Due to alteration bazaar armament and added extenuating affairs that affect artefact availability, and amount adherence we assets the appropriate to abjure any artefact we acquaint and change prices after notice. Advice independent throughout the web pages and in our database is believed to be authentic and reliable at the time of publishing. There may be misprints, animal errors, and omissions. We assets the appropriate to accomplish changes and corrections in prices, products, and blueprint after notice. Images displayed on this web armpit should be admired as allegorical and advisory purpose only. The absolute articles are generally not identical to the images.